A digital media company reporting on the most promising technology-driven businesses and trends in the world’s emerging markets. Users can filter search results by age, body type, height, occupation, educational background, and more. Zhenai also touts its livestreaming feature, which allows the direct virtual face-to-face chat to facilitate potential relationships. If one seeks help from a professional matchmaker, the six-month service is priced at RMB 4,999 . Zhenai, founded as early as 2005, is one of the oldest and well-known matchmaking websites in China, which also offers offline services. This happens at no cost to you and helps me cover some of the expenses of running this website.

Soul, on the other hand, offers a promising user interface with multiple functions to meet the user’s needs, according to Sylvia from Guangzhou. Expat communities are relatively small, and many foreign nationals here are nowhere near fluent in Chinese. Catfish experiences can be harmless, but occasionally leave a sour taste in the user’s mouth. This is great for Beijing dwellers, but for expats in smaller cities – apps are integral. China has added a raft of other policies to encourage marriage and kids such as promoting marriage leave, increasing subsidies for newborn babies, and making it easier for unmarried couples to register children. Through a combination of public awareness campaigns and limits on extravagant wedding ceremonies and banquets, Shicheng county claims to have virtually eliminated “betrothal gifts”.

Despite continuing the traditional Chinese dating culture, a lot has changed on the concept of dating and relationships in China. The development of new technologies and their application played a massive part in this change not only in China but anywhere around the world. Aside from this guideline, traditional dating culture in China heavily relied on matchmakers and festivals designed for socializing.

On the second date, you don’t need to know their parents’ names. Sometimes, however, spending five minutes online can answer some basic questions about the person you’re interested in. Huawei App Market, Tencent My App, and Oppo Software Store are the biggest Android app stores in China. Many of the leading Chinese apps are available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Marketing To Chinese Users: Five Rules To Play By

When dating a Chinese woman, it is essential to shower her with presents. The number of gifts you give your girl is equivalent to how much you love her. Making a public statement on your relationship like wearing matching outfits is also common.

Unlike Yidui, Zhen Ai charges a lot for its professional services. But the legitimacy of the platform is what makes it so popular. Just use the location-based discovery functions to discover QQ users in your surroundings. You can also find and add friends from your phone contacts or link third party accounts like Facebook. Like Tinder, you simply swipe left or right on a profile, depending on whether you like what you see. Ironically though, many Chinese people use it for relationships rather than hook-ups.

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Ensure that you are interacting in clarity with your date, as it will allow your data to make informed decisions regarding the relationship. Hence, it would be best to understand that by lying, you are destroying lives and wasting others’ time on these apps. China, being a technologically advanced country, has hundreds of quality dating apps to use in China. However, you should understand that not all dating apps can help you land a date, even if they have great reviews. You should use an app with people from the dating community you want to date.

It’s the largest dating app in China with over 110 million active users. WeChat is probably more popular with young adults though, even though it’s not officially a dating app. A full-service marketing agency specializing in Chinese app store localization and promotion. It has a useful tool for identifying similar apps already existing on Chinese app stores.

Tencent eyes its own ChatGPT-style service for super app WeChat

Often the butt of jokes, tuhao have become a mainstream topic in Chinese society and are blamed for any showy displays of wealth — the Chinese have even given the gold iPhone 5s and 6 an apt popular nickname, tuhao jin . Genders are balanced and profile pictures are tame in Momo’s initial App Store screenshot. But that doesn’t mean you always have to play it safe and not take a more risqué approach. In fact, one of Iqiyi’s screenshots features attractive female “anchors” and exotic sports cars. This shamelessly male-oriented approach, perhaps outlandish for app stores in the West, makes sense with Iqiyi’s large segment of young male users. As with all localization efforts, pay attention to cultural norms, particularly in China.

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