Robert Lipton , often referred to as “The Senator” by Angela, is a Republican Pennsylvania state senator who resides in Scranton. He first appears in “”, where he meets Angela at Dwight’s hay festival. The two begin dating shortly after that, and Lipton eventually proposes to her in the seventh-season finale. At the start of the eighth season, they are now married, and she is pregnant with his child, whom she gives birth to in “Jury Duty”. Cecelia Marie “CeCe” Halpert is Jim and Pam’s daughter, in real life named after Jenna Fischer’s niece. Pam’s pregnancy is discovered in the fifth-season finale “Company Picnic”, and she gives birth to CeCe in the sixth-season episode, “The Delivery”, on March 4, 2010, after 19 hours of labor.

When they arrive, they are surprised to be meeting only with Brian, who reveals that he is getting a divorce. He reveals that he and his wife had been fighting for a while, but they realized it was over for them when they finally stopped. In “Promos”, Pam visits Brian at his apartment, and tells him that upon seeing the old footage she thinks Jim’s feelings for her have largely faded, and Brian agrees.

The documentary film crew is a camera crew that has been filming the lives of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch employees since the beginning of the series. Their presence has been met with widely different reactions and levels of comfort from the people they film, although, over the course of the series, the staff has gradually grown to accept the crew’s presence as a part of their environment. Elizabeth is a stripper whom Dwight hired to be the “entertainment” at Bob Vance’s bachelor party in “Ben Franklin”. After both Bob and Michael refuse to accept lap dances from her, Dwight has her sit at Oscar’s vacant desk to answer phones for the day. When Michael feels bad about betraying Jan, he asks Elizabeth (referring to her as “stripper”) whether he should tell her.

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I called this hotline and had Investigator Mitch Dubros look into the case. He was able to get some very important information on the criminal, his full name, date of birth, and address, he also figured out that a charity for mental health was paying for this crooks rent.. Getting this information helped put an end to the anxiety i was going through. In the end we got the crook arrested and all has been well since then.

Robert “Bob” Vance (Robert R. Shafer) is Phyllis Lapin-Vance’s husband and the owner of Vance Refrigeration, a neighboring tenant in the office park. He often introduces himself as “Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration” in order to plug his business. He is seen for the first time as Phyllis’ boyfriend in “Christmas Party” and introduces himself to Kevin, Stanley, and Ryan in exactly that manner individually even though they were all standing next to each other. This leads Ryan to jokingly ask “So…what line of work are you in, Bob?” On Valentine’s Day, he sent a number of gifts to Phyllis at the office—signed “Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration”. He also supplied a mini-fridge as a “Casino Night” prize.

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Not only, but they even tried to do their best to meet in a place that was easy for me to reach since I wasn’t driving. I am very impressed with the friendly attitude they have; they make you feel safe – like your’e just a couple of old friends catching up! Very thankful for all the help and the information that I received. Within moments of sending the email, Mitch called me and helped to clarify my questions on fraud, location services, and next steps. Mitch is very responsive and is the type of guy to prefer speaking on the phone opposed to email.

She makes her first appearance in “Niagara”, where she and Stanley attend Jim and Pam’s wedding and both join in the dance down the aisle, and later reappears in “Andy’s Play”, attending a local production of Sweeney Todd, that Andy is performing in. In a deleted scene from the episode, she unintentionally makes Phyllis jealous by quickly forming a friendly relationship with Bob Vance, leading Phyllis to call her a “home-wrecking slut” in a talking-head interview. Cynthia also appears with Stanley in the episodes “Christening” and “Garden Party”. Lynn (Lisa K. Wyatt) is Kevin’s love interest in the fifth season.

They first appear in “Employee Transfer”, in which they have lunch with their brother and his fiancée. However, unbeknownst to Jim, Pam met with them before lunch to clue them in on a prank she would be playing on him, but Tom and Pete instead decided to make fun of her interest in art, as opposed to Pam’s idea of losing her engagement ring. During lunch, they make numerous insults towards her art career, causing Jim to come to her defense.

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He also appears in several episodes in season 9, including the series finale, though part of his performance in episode 9, “Dwight Christmas” was removed for containing blackface, in 2020. Walter Bernard, Sr. and Ellen Bernard are Andy’s affluent, ritzy, fastidious parents, who view Andy as a disappointment, and as such, treat him with disdain. Several years later, they reappear in the episode “Garden Party”, where they attend Andy’s garden party at Schrute Farms, along with Walter, Jr. During “Angry Andy”, Andy calls his father and tells him of Nellie Bertram stealing his job. It is implied that Walter refers to the job as a demotion to Andy, who is visibly defensive. However, shortly after this, Andy has an anger outburst, and picks the phone and finally stands up to his father, yelling “Dad, go to hell, I’m taller than you!” before hanging up on him.

He is let go in the sixth season following the absorption of Dunder Mifflin by Sabre. He later sells his patent for a toy vacuum, called “Suck It,” to the U.S. military for $20 million and later acquires Dunder Mifflin for an undisclosed sum of money and becomes CEO in the Secret Benefits eighth-season finale, “Free Family Portrait Studio”. Clark Green is one of the new customer service representatives introduced in season 9 after Kelly quits. He is immediately given the office-moniker of “New Dwight” as he bears a passing resemblance to young Dwight.

Her computer always displays the solitaire game found in the MS package. Little is known about her early and personal life, but, over the course of the series, some tidbits of information have been revealed. She has been married twice, with one of her ex-husbands leaving her for a woman who works as a garbage collector (who is addressed as “Mom” by Meredith’s children). She has two children, a son named Jake, , and a daughter named Wendy (described as “The good one”) who is in the custody of one of Meredith’s ex-husbands. Meredith is alleged to be an alcoholic, and it has been alluded to that she often arrives at work with a hangover, as she has complained that people talk too loudly and that the office lights are too bright in the morning.

Pam and Dwight then take revenge by painting childish pictures on his beloved truck . Frank, incensed by the payback, later confronts Pam in the parking lot, where he shows signs that he is going to physically assault her. Before he has the chance, however, Brian, the documentary crew’s boom mic operator, breaks protocol and intervenes by hitting the warehouse employee across the face with his mic. The two end up in a scuffle, but Frank is restrained by two other documentarians. In the end, the audience learns that both Frank and Brian have been terminated from Dunder Mifflin and the documentary, respectively. Gary Trundell is a former warehouse worker that left prior to the start of the series.