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#51. Family Guy

While Phoebe was initially excited by the health inspector’s ability to shut restaurants down, it got very old very quickly. But, in recent months, the two sleuths seem to be coming out of their romantic shells just a little bit. Case in point, they were caught cuddling up at the U.S. Open and have even gotten bolder on their Instagram accounts.

May 2020: Paul and Phoebe Host An Instagram Live Together

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Eric and Phoebe then agree not to see each other anymore. In the Friends season 3 episode “The One With The Jam,” Phoebe meets Malcolm (David Arquette) when he mistakes her for her twin sister—and his ex-girlfriend—Ursula, who he’s been stalking. Phoebe helps Malcolm get over his unhealthy obsession and starts dating him.

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An intense look at the biggest Made in Chelsea glow ups of all time

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November 2021: Paul and Phoebe walk the red carpet together.

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In February 2019, Paul secretly wed his then-girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, after dating for one year. However, the pair announced their plans for divorce in September 2022. In February 2023, Paul officially filed for divorce from Ines. Body language like this, while cheeky and playful, says a lot about the couple’s similar headspace. Because they’ve angled their heads to touch, they’re demonstrating how much they love having an intellectual and creative partner who thinks they way they do.