Carriers aren’t the only ones with an interest in how long truck drivers spend on the road. Federal regulations limit the amount of time a driver can be on the road to 11 hours. This places further pressure on the truck driver to complete their route in a limited window. There are many reasons drivers choose over the road trucking jobs as opposed to short-haul trucking.

I am owner cargo refrigerator van I have my own corporation. Canada revenue agency doesn’t care for my HST for meal . I have long trips Ontario and Quebec but there not pay my HST back .

Disadvantages to Being a Heavy Haul Truck Driver

This is very important because some truck drivers love their trucks so much they almost seem to be married to them. There’s nothing wrong with him being passionate about his job, it might become a problem if he frequently places his job above you. Be very clear about this before things get serious between you two. Getting used to the miles, the tedium, the green rolling hills of the midwest that began to run together into one featureless knoll. We stopped here and there but there wasn’t enough time to walk anything but a hundred feet. We ate lunch at a Subway and as soon as we swallowed our last bite, we were out the door.

Transco Lines Driver Pay

You need to walk them, so I stop about every three hours. If you break down you need a hotel that will accept them. You can’t leave them alone and go do whatever you want in your down time. If I’m in a rush to get somewhere, if I have a big deadline, I’ll try to run between nine and 10 hours a day. In the company truck – I wouldn’t want it to happen in this truck – I’ve gelled up before. If you buy fuel down south, it’s not conditioned to withstand the cold temperatures up north.

Professional drivers spend days or even weeks away from home at a time, which results in challenges for young drivers that are raising a family. Long-haul truckers are a vital part of the transportation industry. Truckers move a stunning 72.5% of goods in the United States. Long-haul or over the road trucking can be an excellent opportunity to operate independently and transport different types of loads.

Long-haul truckers have the privilege of seeing some pretty spectacular scenery on their journeys, that would otherwise cost lots of money on a paid vacation. However, being a over the road truck driver is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle with both perks and downsides. While the cost of truck driving schools can range from $3,500 to $10,000, some companies and states like New York and Oregon are offering incentives or waived tuition for women drivers.

Though trucking certainly has its entertaining stories, it is not an easy job. Each trip consists of anywhere from 25,000 to 30,000 pounds in your trailer that you need to load and unload—sometimes carrying it up three flights of stairs by hand. And sometimes that load includes a grand piano or a safe that requires renting special equipment just to move it. The job can involve many 11-hour days and driving hundreds of miles on Christmas.

And of course, you’ll want to stop if you’re tired. Avoid pulling over onto the shoulder (other cars might not realize you’re stopped) and look for a parking lot or hotel room instead. In just the first three years, I drove through every continental state. I soaked up the scenery and got to know each state by its roads—collecting 450 city maps before GPS became available.

Being in a relationship with a trucker is like being in a long-distance and a proximate relationship all at the same time. Things can go from whirlwind romance to endurance tester in just a few weeks. Success doesn’t come easy in trucker relationships.

So coffee, energy drinks and strong tea are indispensable in cabins. Unless you are away for 12 hours then you can have 3 meals, less than 12 hours is zero. If you’re back home within 24 hours of your departure, your meal expense deduction is 50%.