Each box comes with 100 index cards and 12 dividers, so they can organizer their original recipes . Give him this soft pillow with a great big hug filled with lots of love to send the love across the distance. You can customize the places and distance to let him know that your love is always near. Your first meeting with each other is the most important thing to remember. With the place and stars reserved, this canvas print will make a great gift for your new boyfriend.

Agree with his friends to spend a fun afternoon together, where he realizes that you value his time with friends. If your partner is in need of a good winter scarf then it’s best to get a soft and warm one. These scarves are perfect because it’s half cotton, half cashmere for men and half wool, half cashmere for women which will feel so soft against their skin in the cold. Get her or him some fancy wine glasses for wine nights with these easy to hold stemless wine glasses. They can also use them for cocktails and whiskey as well.

Special edition of his favorite book/movie

And just about everyone has had their sunglasses lost, scratched, or damaged because they simply didn’t have a proper place to keep them when not in use. Enter ReadiSpex – a new and unique solution for keeping your sunglasses safe and secure, where you need them, when you need them, and at the ready. Its innovative folding design allows ReadiSpex to be out of the way when you’re not using it. And at only 3mm thick, it is unobtrusive and looks great.

Beautifully displayed in a box that will remind him how much you love to hug and kiss him. If you are dating an outdoorsy guy, he will surely find a waterproof bag extremely useful. It is perfect for those bike rides home when it’s raining, hiking in the snow, and even kayak adventures. Not the most romantic of gifts but practical and this is what an outdoorsmen loves. Buy it in his favorite color and he will definitely use it.

If your man’s always freezing, give him the gift of warmth and comfort with a chic weighted blanket. Upgrade his grooming game with a TSA-approved set maturesforfuck.com from The Art of Shaving. It includes everything he needs to trim his beard, and a sturdy pouch so he can tote everything along during his travels.

Safe Gifts For Your New Boyfriend—Including Pete Davidson-Approved Sneakers & Designer Fragrances

However, watches can also be a fashion statement or clothing accessory. Look for a watch that is both stylish and functional for his lifestyle. With so many TV and movie streaming services available, you can get your guy the one he’s been hesitant to order for himself. You can find services that specialize in sports or specific types of movies. Prices for most of these services are around $10 per month and you can opt for a whole year to make it worthwhile.

I was actually leaning towards asking if I could take her out to a nice dinner. Kind of wanted to get her something small too, just not sure what. In my case, both of us like tea, so I bought him a package of my favorite imported green tea from the Asian grocer and a tea infuser. Inexpensive but meaningful, as we share it when we hang out at his place, or he thinks of me every time he has a cup at home. If they spend lots of time running or at the gym, they could probably use some new workout clothes. This shirt from Under Armour has more than 52,000 (!!!) five-star reviews, so I’ll let that speak for itself.

These handy little gadgets are super-affordable, but make a world of difference in achieving that super-smooth and creamy top layer of foam in your milky morning bev. Sure, a gift certificate to a spa is nice—but it’s a little soon to be dropping 200 bucks on one of those, no? Megan Hatch is a writer at YourTango who covers news & entertainment, love & relationships, and internet culture. One of the best things about being in a relationship is being able to cuddle with each other in bed and get a free massage.

A cool patent print of something they love.

Even the smallest of gifts are meaningful to your partner on Christmas, especially when you’ve just started dating. If you want to give them a low-key but cozy gift that shows you know their fun personality, cool socks are the way to go. It’s possible to show your man that you love him with a gift – you just have to know what he likes. Men often appreciate gifts related to their specific interests or presents that solve a problem and make something in life easier.

If you’re looking for something that will make him relax and revitalize, this is an excellent choice! Just stick with gift cards for small and unique businesses that stay with their clients in mind. As you’re giving him the gift, he’ll know that you care and that this is something they’ll both enjoy. The holidays are just around the corner—and while it can be kinda exciting to spend it with a new boo, it can also strike fear. What should you gift someone who has only just become an actual someone to you? Maybe you made it official just a few weeks ago, or maybe you haven’t even DTR’d .

Men’s Self Care Box

This makes the perfect gift, especially if they’ve been meaning to “read” a new book. Now, they can listen to it instead, either on their work commute, while working out, you name it. Every time I start dating someone new it’s his birthday. Making someone dinner is thoughtful, but it’s not too over the top. Tell him how much you love and adore him in four different languages. With this gift, he will be able to feel your warmth and love even when the two of you are far away.

If your partner has commented on your candles at your own place, why not get them their own? Is your boyfriend or girlfriend a die-hard fan of the hit TV series “Friends”? It comes with an official Central Perk apron and more than 75 recipes and over 20 coffee and tea-based drinks. In the wintertime, a pair of slippers is a must for the cold.

Whether he’s sporting jeans to work, hanging out with his buddies, or just wearing them every day, they make a useful gift for your new bae. These authentic Wrangler jeans will quickly become a staple in his minimalist manly wardrobe. Get your new man something fun and unique that he will love to show off to all his friends.

Things for his home make practical gifts that your new boyfriend will actually use. Whether he is hanging out with his buddies or spending a day at the beach with you, this waterproof speaker will become a staple in his daily activities. He can easily toss it in a bag and be ready for 12 hours of nonstop music. A cool birthday gift for your new boyfriend that he will love using every day. While they might not be totally original Valentine’s Day gift ideas, the gifts a lot of traditional men want are easy to find.